The Bagchunas

Bagchunas Mini - $250

Bagchunas Mini was designed to take the mesh pocket style of the Bagchunas and translate it into a smaller bag for balloon artists who don't need to carry as many balloons. Like the Bagchunas, the Bagchunas Mini has 32 3”x3” mesh pockets around the outside as a visual way to organize the various smaller balloons. The mesh makes it easy to quickly locate any specific balloon. The 4”x6” outside pockets are great for holding larger non-round balloons.

The main compartment will hold approximately 3,000 260s. Each mesh pocket can comfortably hold 50 5” rounds or 6” hearts. The outside 4”x6” pockets can hold approximately 40 11” rounds.



 Bagchunas Mini  Bagchunas Mini  Bagchunas Mini