The Bagchunas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Bagchunas?

Your best bet is to wash it by hand with water and/or soap. I have put mine in the washer and dryer on the most delicate settings and had no adverse effects, but I can't guarantee your results.

Do you take custom requests?

Maybe. If it's a small modification to an existing bag design, I might be able to make that change. At this time, I am unable to accommodate requests for a completely customized bag design.

How long does it take to make a Bagchunas?

The original Bagchunas takes about 50 hours to make. The Bagchunas Mini takes about 20 hours. As I am a full-time entertainer, I use my spare time to create bags, so it may take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month or two to receive your bag, depending on demand and my schedule.

Can you make the Bagchunas with printed/custom/other color fabric?

I prefer not to. The material I use for the Bagchunas is polyester-based. Most printed fabric is cotton-based, which tends to fade and wear quickly. It's difficult to find the hardware I need in other colors that I know the quality of. I prefer black bags and let the balloons color them.

What type of stand is best for supporting the Bagchunas?

I recommend the Instand. Though originally designed for court reporters, they have gained a lot of popularity in the magic world for their portability. I recommend the CR-5 for the original Bagchunas. It is really the only model that will hold the weight of the bag. The CR-1 or the CR-3 is a good choice for the Bagchunas Mini.

What does 'Bagchunas' mean?

'Bagchunas' is a play on words of the last name of its designer, Rob Balchunas.